UNSEX ME HERE – a short-film by Morgane Frund


Théâtre La Grange de Dorigny
Main foyer

Short-film / 25 minutes / +14 y.o.
French, srt. English

free entry

What if we put aside the grandiose aspect of tragedy? What if we only kept the intimate, trivial and uncharismatic part of it? Unsex Me Here is a cinematographic adaptation of Macbeth that takes place in the 60s, a time where the nuclear family model and its strictly gendered roles prevailed. The Macbeth couple confront one another and collapse in its incapacity to correspond to that ideal. The tragedy only takes place between the two characters who evolve in a closed world, limited to one bedroom, one bathroom and one kitchen. Between games of power and abusive relationship, the short-film offers a reading of the play that focuses on the everyday tragedy and its ordinary violence.

Written, directed and edited by: Morgane Frund

Cast: Alenka Chenuz, Didier Disero

Music by : Marquis’ Mcgee

Direction of photography and costumes: Jessica Chautems

Scenography and accessories: Wendy Tokuoka

Scenographic reinforcement and script supervisor: Tania Depallens, Céline Kramer

Technical reinforcement: Thibault Rieben, Chana Lim, Jonathan Moy de Vitry, Aloïs, Axel, Laurent Bindschaedler, Alexandre Pinault