The Team


Kevin Curran – President

Kevin Curran is a scholar and teacher of Shakespeare and Renaissance drama. He has held posts at universities in four countries across Europe and North America and is currently Professor of Early Modern Literature at the University of Lausanne. His major publications include Marriage, Performance, and Politics at the Jacobean Court (Ashgate, 2009), (ed.) Shakespeare and Judgment (Edinburgh, 2016), and Shakespeare’s Legal Ecologies (Northwestern, 2017). In addition to directing the Lausanne Shakespeare Festival, he is the editor of the book series, “Edinburgh Critical Studies in Shakespeare and Philosophy.” Kevin Curran has received grants and fellowships from the Folger Shakespeare Library, the Huntington Library, the Bibliographical Society of America, and the Harry Ransom Research Center. In 2017 he was International Visiting Fellow at the Center for the History of Emotions in Australia.

Florence Rivero – Artistic director

Born in Venezuela, Florence Rivero began to study film-making in her country of origin. In 2006, she decided to continue her film-making studies in Switzerland, at the École Cantonale d’art de Lausanne. Working for several years as assistant director and actress, she later enrolled in the University of Lausanne, majoring in psychology and English literature. It is during this period that she discovered her passion for theatre and thus created her own theatre company (Cie Sweet Sorrow), with which she produces and directs different adaptations of William Shakespeare’s plays. She obtained her Master’s degree in stage-directing on 2018 from La Manufacture (Lausanne).

 Josefa Terribilini – Artist hospitality & logistics manager

Josefa Terribilini

Josefa Terribilini is a PHD researcher in 17th Century French Theater at the University of Lausanne. In recent years she has joined several university theater companies (Sweet Sorrow, Sun & Moon, Black Sheep) and performed in many plays by Shakespeare and others, in French and in English. As an actress she took part in the first two editions of the Lausanne Shakespeare Festival, playing Miranda in La Tempête and Lady Macduff in The Tragedy of Macbeth, both directed by Florence Rivero (2016), and Cordelia in King Lear (2017). In 2018 she co-founded Compagnie Acte V and co-directed Le Procès d’Horace with Marek Chojecki. During her Masters in literature and dramaturgy, she did a one-month internship at La Manufacture (HETSR) and worked as a theater critic and a communication manager at l’Atelier Critique. She is now working as a writer and editor for Fribourg Théâtre des Osses.


Vincent Laughery – Artist & staff catering manager

After completing an MA in Philosophy at the University of Lausanne (2015), Vincent Laughery received an FNS grant in 2017 to write a PhD dissertation on Shakespeare. Along with his scholarly activities, Vincent Laughery has been closely involved in university theater for the last ten years, both as an actor and a director. He is active in a number of associations that foster collaboration between scholars and artists.


Chloé Manz – Administrative and Production assistant

Chloé Manz

Chloe, who is passionate about languages and literature, is currently finishing her MA in English Literature & Slavic Languages with a specialization in literary translation. Immersed in the performing arts since her childhood, she first went on stage as a dancer and later as an actress. Upon arriving at the University of Lausanne, she joined the DK Company, which is linked to the EPFL, and became an enthusiast of anglophone and Russian theatre. Chloé is very active in university student life and has taken part in the organization of multiple events connected to the English Department.

Yannick Benisty – Direction assistant and press & communication manager

Yannick Bénisty

Having completed his BA in English and French Literature at the Universities of Lausanne and York (UK), Yannick Benisty is now adding to his MA in English a specialisation in translation. In addition to his studies and queer activism – at the heart of his artistic work – he co-organises a poetry club (the Food + Poetry Club), edited between 2016 and 2018 the literature and philosophy section of the Unkown Magazine (University of York) and has contributed since 2016 to the editing of the MUSE (magazine of Lausanne’s English Department). He has written and performed within the Collectif Transversal (2015-2017) a play entitled The Web (2017). His latest project is the writing and reading/performance of La Sensation des Fleurs (2018), a collection of poems on gender, love and sexuality.

 Eugénie Bouquet – Graphic design & editing manager

Eugénie Bouquet

Currently studying at the University of Lausanne, Eugénie is finishing her BA in English and Film Studies. She is interested in literature and theatre and has acted throughout high school and university. She is a member of the Polysson Compagny, linked to the EPFL, as well as the Impro Académie, an improvisation group. Eugénie is also co-president of FilmONs, the film Studies students association, as well as secretary of NUL, the University of Lausanne’s News Report. Eugénie is also passionate about drawing and illustration, to which she dedicates her free time.


Liz Watson – Social network manager

Liz Watson

Originally from the United States, Liz received her BA in psychology from Boston University in 2010. After meeting her husband, She moved to Switzerland in 2014. Shorty after, she began studying French as a Foreign Language at the University of Lausanne and after a year transferred to the English department to pursue an MA in English Literature. When she is not studying English, she teaches English at a language school. She has appeared on stage in Cie Sweet Sorrow’s performances and has been an active theatergoer and performer since childhood.

Ella Stornetta – Press & communication manager

Ella Stornetta

Having been fascinated by arts and literature from an early age, Ella Stornetta received her BA at the University of Lausanne in 2017 and is currently completing her MA in English and Film Studies. Given her strong interest in theatre, she follows many Shakespeare-oriented courses through her academic studies. In 2015, she spent a year studying cinema at the University of Kent in England in order to expand her knowledge about international cinema. Ella Stornetta currently works as a cultural mediator for the association Cinec, which promotes quality films in schools throughout Switzerland. She regularly organizes screenings and discussions for school classes in several regional movie theatres.

Margot Jaggy – Press & communication manager

Margot Jaggy

Having spent her childhood between France, Japan and the United States, this Swiss native has finally returned home. After having enjoyed a brief period in the world of ballet, she received her BA in Communications and Media Studies in New York. She has worked for various film and art festivals in France and Switzerland, such as the Festival d’Art International au Château de Busset and FIFOG. In addition, she works as production coordinator and actress for the English speaking theatre group “The Village Players of Lausanne”. She recently studied masked theater with Familie Floz where she had the opportunity to sample the pleasures of directing. Having developed a taste for it, she is currently directing her first play to be performed at the end of November.

Céline Magada – Ticket office manager

Céline Magada

Passionate about languages and literature, Céline Magada is currently an MA student in English and Italian at the University of Lausanne. Parallel to her studies, Céline has also been a musician for almost 15 years. She has always been fascinated by the performing arts and in the context of her musical training has had the opportunity to take part in different musical and theatrical projects. Céline is also active in departmental student life, especially event organization.

Arthur Margot – Logistics coordinator

Arthur Margot

Avid theatre buff and Shakespeare enthusiast, Arthur Margot is currently a BA student in English and History at the University of Lausanne. Having participated in Shakespeare plays in high school in Australia, the stage is a familiar place to him. The Lausanne Shakespeare Festival is a way for him to further his love for theatre.




Lucien Chapuisat – Webmaster

Lucien Chapuisat

Lucien Chapuisat completed his BA in English and Computer Science for Humanities in 2018 at the University of Lausanne. He is interested in the recreation of meaning in the process of data transmission, in both computer science and literature. His BA classes on Theatre, a study trip on Shakespeare in London and Stratford-upon-Avon, and his participation as a volunteer in the 2018 edition of the Lausanne Shakespeare Festival motivated him to get involved more actively in its organisation.






Raphael Meyer – Responsable accueil des artistes et logistique (2016-18)

Kathinka Aloise – Outreach Coordination (2017-18)

Jonathan Afonso – Communication & Website (2015-16)

Vanessa Cimorelli – Logo Designer (2016-17)

Caroline Lasfargeas – Communication & Press (2016-17)

Eugénie Ribeiro – Poster Production (2016-17)

Sandrine Spycher – Project Manager (2015-16)