The Lausanne Shakespeare Festival is Switzerland’s only annual theatrical event devoted exclusively to the work of William Shakespeare.

Based in the unique performance environment of Théâtre La Grange on the University of Lausanne campus, the LSF combines full-length plays in the evenings with workshops, music, street theater, and a range of performance experiments during the day. Like Lausanne itself, the LSF is fundamentally cosmopolitan, bringing together artists and audience members from a variety of linguistic backgrounds and featuring events in both French and English. At the heart of the LSF is a simple idea: take the greatest plays ever written and use them to build bridges between things that tend to stay apart: the university and the city, specialists and the public, critical thinking and creativity, and art and education. What’s more, by prioritising the talents of Lausanne’s newest generation of professional actors and directors, the LSF contributes to building a strong future for theater in the city, the region, and the country.