at 15h30

Théâtre La Grange de Dorigny
Main stage

Burlesque theatre / 1h20 / +9 y.o.

Flat rate: CHF 10

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The Bugnon Brothers take up the challenge to perform on stage the integrality of the Bard’s works, aka William Shakespeare, in less than 80 minutes: the 37 plays are revisited with humor, twists and imagination. Historical dramas, comedies, tragedies, farce, no genre is spared: the whole work of the English genius becomes here a source for parody.

A burlesque and original show at the Monty Python style!

Stage direction:
Céline Devalan

Jean-Pierre Bugnon
Sylvain Bugnon

About the Bugnon Brothers:

As their name suggests, Jean-Pierre and Sylvain Bugnon are… brothers!

Jean-Pierre Bugnon was born in Lausanne on the 24th of Februray 1968, followed three years later almost to the day by his younger brother Sylvain, born on the 23rd of February 1971.

Towards the age of 18, Jean-Pierre realizes that his inclinations are towards Cinema and Theatre. He then starts studying at the Geneva Conservatoire.

Meanwhile, Sylvain, just out of the Lausanne Music Academy, starts his own rock band. Together with his band, he plays U2 hits for birthday parties and likes comparing himself to Larry Mullen Jr (the drummer and founder of U2). He is far from imagining that years later he and his brother will be the comic stars at the Knie Circus (The Swiss National Circus) …

Later on, Jean-Pierre is about to perform a play with multiple characters and immediately thinks about offering the vacant roles to his brother. Sylvain then makes his first steps on stage…

Following this experience, the Bugnon Brothers are therefore convinced: this is what they are going to do with their life!

And indeed, in 2000, the two brothers meet Pierre Naftule, with whom they create a customs comedy that will be performed from 2003 to 2007, with performances in 2006 at the Swiss National Circus (Knie), where they have been applauded by an audience of 300’000 spectators. Then comes the funerary comedy “Avec vous jusqu’au bout!” performed more than 300 times in Switzerland, France and Belgium.

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