“Sycorax” by Sarah-Jane Moloney & Rebecca Frey

SATURDAY MAY 20th 2017
at 15h30

Foyer de La Grange de Dorigny
30 mins.

free entry / no reservation required

We are going to tell you a story.
The story of an island.
The story of its ancient inhabitants.
The story of a woman who brought up two strange children as her own. A wise woman. A maker of indigo. A sorceress. A loving fool.
It is the story of her long slow dying. The story of her regret. Of what she held on to and what she lost. The story of remorse and helplessness. It is the story of a fatal misunderstanding.

You’d like to know who we are?
We are storytellers.
We allow ourselves to pick up others’ stories and bring them to you. We breathe life into their words until they become our own and yours. Until lost voices reverberate and lost sounds ring in your ears.

How is it possible?
Simply sit down and listen and watch. We won’t take long and we don’t need much space.
We only need our bodies, our breath, and our voices. You are the one whose mind’s eye will draw the images. We trust you in that…

Directed by
Sarah-Jane Moloney
Rebecca Frey

Performed by
Sarah-Jane Moloney
Rebecca Frey