“Shakespeare zwischen den Zeilen” by HKB Theater 2

SUNDAY JUNE 3rd 2018
at 19h00

Théâtre La Grange de Dorigny
45 mins / + 12 y.o.
German (with French subtitles)

flat rate : 10 CHF

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The students of the first year of the of the drama division of the Bern University of Arts have developed (in June 2017) the project Shakespeare zwischen den Zeilen (Shakespeare between the lines) after the work of William Shakespeare.

In five groups of two, different plays and characters of William Shakespeare were examined: Desdemona & Iago from Othello; Benedikt & Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing; Juliet & Tybalt from Romeo and Juliet; Ophelia & Hamlet from Hamlet; Macbeth & Lady Macbeth from Macbeth.

The texts were discussed in a current context, be it the question of honor killing in Romeo and Juliet or the trauma and depression of being a war child in Hamlet. One of the main aspects in the discussion was the conflicting topic of war and peace in the plays of William Shakespeare. The scenes that resulted from these examinations were designed and put together by the students themselves and mentored by the docent and director Frank Schubert. The final work shows five particular situations, where the two characters of each play come together under specific circumstances and get into a conflict. The scenes are presented in the context of the plays, but aren’t scripted in the original. They are the work out of subtexts and conflicts between the lines. The audience gets to see essential conflicts between characters of the different plays. Towards the end of the rehearsals, the different scenes were assembled by the students and their director Frank Schubert. An interaction between the topics and conflicts from the different scenes and characters accrued…

Cast :
Germaine Sollberger
Gabriel Maurer
Katharina Schmidt
Julius Schröder
Aline Beetschen
Rainer Begohin
Leonie Kolhoff
Lukas Lippek
Gina Lorenzen
Lukas Dittmer
Frank Schubert
Martin Gemse