TO BE or NOT TO BE – a film by Ernst Lubitsch

FRIDAY  MAY 24, 2019
at 20

Théâtre La Grange de Dorigny
Main stage

Film / 1h40 / all ages
English, srt. French.

PWYW , suggested price CHF 10, upon reservation

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« TO BE or NOT TO BE » (1942) is regarded as one of Ernst Lubitsch’s best films. Set in Warsaw, Poland, just before the 1939 Nazi Germany invasion, a theatre company uses its abilities at disguise and acting to fool the occupying troops. Juggling with references to Shakespeare and the political context of the period, this American comedy film is a perfect example of how the English playwright’s œuvre is constantly updated and repurposed. Undeniably, « TO BE or NOT TO BE » is recognized in the film industry as a remarkable piece, culturally, historically and aesthetically.

Ernst Lubitsch (1942)

Ernst Lubitsch

Melchior Lengyel
Edwin Justus Mayer
Ernst Lubitsch

Carole Lombard
Jack Benny
Robert Stack
Felix Bressart
Sig Ruman