LE SONGE D’UNE NUIT D’ETE – Cie Les Art’souilles


Théâtre La Grange de Dorigny
Open air / outside journey

1h40 / +10 y.o.

Flat rate: CHF 10

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A romantic and fantastic comedy based on Shakespeare’s work.

As the wedding festivities are going off, the groom’s five friends slip away into the woods in order to rehearse their surprise to the married couple.

Given their advanced state of euphoria, under the cover of darkness, the upcoming rehearsal that meant to be epic for these improvised actors, will come to a sudden end…

A commissioned play written to celebrate a wedding, this midsummer night’s dream is more festive, and such as The Tempest, it opens a door to the spirit realm… and offers us a real Midsummer’s dream!

A dream generated by the spirits of Nature, whose frustrated loves will contaminate the brains and hearts of our heroes who will get lost, for one night, in the maze of their feelings as well as in the woods, where everything is only illusion and where reason has to be left behind.

The heart has its reasons and for this night, love is the king of the feast!

Stage director:
Alexis Henon

Assistant stage director:
Terry pellet

Esther Gaumont
Réda Chéraitia
Delphine Leputh
Thomas Giraud
Yvan Lecomte
Romain Bressy
Camille German

About the Art’souilles Company:

Arsouilles, a word referring to the popular, bad boys and louts! The Company’s artistic direction literally drew its inspiration from its own name, in the noble sense of the word, by offering to the public demanding creations without taking itself seriously and by always keeping a slightly irreverent tone.

In 2010, with the Bald Soprano, the Company puts back on the stage an emblematic work of the theater of the absurd by integrating its typical strong sense of derision, without denaturing the play’s intention.

Following that, the Company creates in the following year two shows Le Grand Jeu de l’Absurde and Mission Molière. Those two shows offer to the spectators to rediscover cutting-edge plays and authors of the theatre of the absurd: Tardieu, Beckett, Ionesco, Jarry and of course, Molière. Still keeping the same artistic direction, namely, making major works accessible, popularize without being vulgar and simplistic!

Improvisers but also authors, the Company’s members created original shows such as Les Couleurs de toi, Doudou t’es où? (young audience shows), l’amitié entre les hommes et les femmes n’existent pas and Voyage!

The Company will soon be on YouTube and will offer a new form and a new universe… To be continued!!