HAMLET – Sun & Moon Company

SUNDAY MAY 26, 2019
at 17h30

Théâtre La Grange de Dorigny
Main stage

Theatre / 1h45 / +10 y.o.

Flat rate: CHF 10

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The Tragedy of Hamlet is a “tragedy” in many of the complex senses of the word ‘tragōidia’ (‘goatsong’) that we have inherited from the Greeks. However, unlike the tragedies of the Greek playwrights, Hamlet has considerable comic potential. Hamlet himself has a sharp comic wit, Polonius comes from the same mold as the Pantalone character of the commedia dell’arte, Rosenkranz and Guildenstern are a true comic duo (as Stoppard has shown), and characters like Osric and the Gravediggers come straight out of farce. What role (other than “comic relief”) might these comic elements, given their due importance, play in The Tragedy of Hamlet? How might a staging of the conjunction of the tragic and comic dimensions enhance our emotional and intellectual experience of the play?

As our « Hamlet » project began to grow and evolve, a theatrical response worth developing began to appear. Might it be possible to play the comic dimension of « Hamlet » so as to make its tragic knots more human? Not less tragic, but more human. Not to make Hamlet’s “agon” a struggle with “fate”, like Oedipus, but a struggle with himself in his relations with fathers, his mother, and with “his most dear lady,” Ophelia, the sacrificial “goat” of this ‘goatsong’?

These are questions our working on« Hamlet » has suggested we ask. Will we be able to find answers? We won’t know until we play it…

Suzanne Balharry
Mathilde Coquillat
Céline Kramer
Kevin Curran
Margaux LePlattenier
Roelof Overmeer
Andy Reilly
Alisa Steinhauser

Emese Muehl – Vocalist
Simon Seidel – Piano
Olivier Clerc – Percussion
Peter Elias – Bass

Guillaume Dentz

About the Sun & Moon Company:

The Sun&Moon Company was created at the end of 1992 by a group of friends united by a common passion for theatre texts and their staging. From reading to discussing, from discussing to interpreting, the company ends up giving a public performance for the first time at the Grange de Dorigny (Lausanne) in July 1993 in its own adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew. Then, moved by two of his members’ passion for writing and the other members’ theatrical appetite, The Sun&Moon Company presents production after production, alternating creations and classics, English and French language, with a rhythm of two plays per year. To this day, the Company has already put in stage more than 30 productions.

The Company very often took part to the Fécule Festival in Dorigny where it won in 1999 the Public’s Prize. Since 2016, the Company also takes part in the Lausanne Shakespeare Festival. When possible, the Company exports its work outside of Dorigny, to be confronted with other audiences. It also performed in Epinassey (VS), at the Geneva Comedy, in Lausanne, Neuchâtel, Leysin, Lutry, Ollan but also in Besançon (France), Cracow (Poland) and Liège (Belgium).