“The Tragedy of Hamlet” by Cie Ellis Bell

FRIDAY JUNE 1st 2018
at 19h00

Théâtre La Grange de Dorigny
1h45 / + 13 y.o.
English (+ French subtitles)

Flat rate : CHF10

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Hamlet wanders among the guests of a wedding party. His father has just died and his mother is already remarrying none other than Claudius, her late husband’s brother. Among the party’s guests Hamlet meets the ghost of his father who has come to meet him to reveal that he was murdered by Claudius. Hamlet must serve justice and do good by his father. He must kill one man to avenge another. To carry out this project, he decides to simulate madness.

The adaptation of the Cie Ellis Bell reduces the space and time of the Shakespearean tragedy to this single event: Claudius and Gertrude’s wedding party. Prince Hamlet, torn between his duty of vengeance and his tendency to analyze the pros and cons of each situation, endures this dark and uncanny celebration, which becomes a manifestation of his moral and intellectual dilemma.

Adapted and directed by
Florence Rivero

Matteo Cirri

Benjamin Davis
Elizabeth Watson
Marek Chojecki
Matteo Cirri
Antoine Klotz
Vincent Laughery
Margot Jaggy

Quentin Brichet